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Arapongas Prefecture

Solução: Cidade Digital




The municipality of Arapongas is an initiative of the Companhia de Terras Norte do Paraná, a pioneer in the progress and development of an entire region. The city of Arapongas like the others idealized, planned and founded by the company; it did not come about by chance, nor was it built without a previously prepared master plan.

To perpetuate the ideology of progress and organization, Teletex It Solutions idealized an infrastructure solution composed of poles, self-supporting towers, point-to-point radio links, access points, switches (core, access and metro), servers, management software users, content cache system, storage and fiber channel switch (SAN), aiming to provide communication between the departments and agencies of the municipality of Arapongas and free wireless access to residents in some locations.

For this Digital City project, several well-defined and managed steps were necessary:

  • Initiation: stage with internal project transfer and kick-off meetings, for document preparation – Project Scope Declaration – in order to align expectations related to the project scope and deliveries.
  • Planning: Project Plan containing: Scope Statement, Schedule, Human Resources Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Communication Plan and Change Plan.
  • Monitoring and Control: stage that comprised the preparation of status report, based on the physical progress of the schedule and meetings for monitoring and solving problems. Closing: presentation of the final documentation of the implemented project and holding of the close-out meeting (closing).

The structure of self-supporting towers and poles was provided to accommodate the radio link equipment (point to point), airtight boxes and access points, with installation and fixing of the equipment.

Torres Autoportantes

In total, nine towers were provided in three different sizes, which were installed in Schools and Health Units. As public places, security measures were taken, and the towers were fenced off to isolate the useful area, with access through a gate.

Activities related to towers:

  • Elaboration of the project and collection of the ART (Project and execution);

  • Manufacturing and transporting the towers to the installation site;

  • Execution of the foundation and assembly, following the established technical standards;

  • Grounding of the towers and supply of signaling beacons;

  • Installation of security fencing in 40, 50 and 60m self-supporting towers;


Due to the technical unavailability for the installation of cable-stayed towers, six 6-meter freestanding towers were provided. All 6-meter self-supporting towers were installed in public places, respecting the space required for support and installation according to established standards.


Concrete posts with 20 meters

The project included the supply of forty-four concrete posts 20 meters high, with a minimum post-implantation height of 17 meters.


Installation and configuration of assets in the fiber ring and towers and poles

Installation and configuration of:

  • Access switches (edge), core and meter;

  • Radios for point-to-point link of 50 and 300 Mbps;

  • Indoor, Outdoor Access Points and airtight boxes to accommodate them;

  • Hermetic boxes for installation of assets (swicthes and power injector);

  • WLAN Controller to manage access points;


Radio installation and configuration

Stage 1 – Installation of Radio Links between Towers and Posts;

Stage 2 – Distribution Radios Configuration;

Stage 3 – Network convergence;

Stage 4 – Executive project and obtaining a license ANATEL Multimedia Communication Service (SCM);

Stage 5 – Training and knowledge transfer.


Installation and configuration of Metro Switches, core and edge

Stage 1 – Configuration metro switches and edge switches;

Stage 2 – Physical installation of the solution;

Stage 3 – “AS Built” and knowledge transfer.


The radio links that make up this phase:

Activities related to towers:

– Studies to ensure full operation of the radio links presented in the solution’s executive project;

– Executive project for the installation of the entire radio and access point structure; Support from the City Hall of Arapongas in the legal registration process before the regulatory agency ANATEL

– Structure configuration and point-to-point radio links;

– Fixation of radios, access points, switches and airtight boxes in the towers;

– Supply of all infrastructure (electrical and logical material) for installation of radios, access points and airtight boxes (physical, logical and electrical);

– Provision of infrastructure to service the city hall building from the posts and towers; Supply of supports for radios and antennas;

– Energizing the radios, access points and switches installed in the sealed airtight boxes;

– “As Built” documentation of the entire radio, electrical and logic project; Configuration of switches and access points;

– Training and knowledge transfer of the radio and WLAN solution.


Active Installation and Configuration

– Installation and configuration of three Dell PowerEdge R720 rack servers;

– Installation and configuration of 2 (two) storage;

– Installation and configuration of 2 (two) SAN switches.



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  • Disponibilidade de conectividade através da rede instalada em sites públicos, conectando escolas, departamentos administrativos e unidades de saúde;
  • Wifi gratuito para a população.


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