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Smart Cities

They are solutions developed specifically for Smart Cities, combining the most modern technologies and languages with the needs of optimizations and improvements in cities, whether in the public or private sphere. Discover the solutions:








We have developed a series of specific solutions for Smart Cities, allowing, through technology, to optimize and improve cities in different spheres, ranging from urban mobility to governance. We have an innovation know-how with over 30 years of experience, which has allowed us to target a series of services to public agencies.

Discover all the differentials of Teletex’s Smart Cities solutions.

  • Automatically identifying people;
  • Access control to certain environments;
  • Replacement of keys, passwords or biometrics;
  • Use of Big Data for identity analysis;
  • Loss and theft prevention;
  • Automate frequent and high-volume tasks;
  • Development of artificial intelligence through progressive learning;
  • In-depth data capture and analysis;
  • Traffic control by means of video cameras;
  • Access on highways, gates and monitors by reading signs;
  • Monitor public transport and keep updated arrival and departure forecasts.
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What your business needs

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