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Brazilian bank strengthens its storage environment with Cisco MDS




Serving more than 365 cities, Banrisul is one of the largest and oldest banks in Brazil. But a new wave of competition is forcing the state institution to reexamine and revitalize business processes in place for a long time.

Banrisul reformulated the structure and role of its IT organization. In addition to adopting DevOps practices, the bank’s IT leaders want to make greater use of cloud resources, agile methodologies, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. And they made critical updates to the bank’s IT infrastructure to support these ambitions.

With the help of Teletex, a Cisco Gold Partner certified channel , Banrisul implemented Cisco MDS switches to increase the performance and flexibility of its storage area network (SAN). With multiple layers of network and storage intelligence, advanced security and unified management, Cisco MDS switches support scalable and highly available storage networks.

Cisco MDS met all of our technical requirements and was also the best price,” says Gustavo Barreto, IT Analyst at Banrisul, observing the open bidding process required by law. “It’s easy to set up and easy to use.”

As a financial institution administered by the government, which serves millions of citizens and companies in Brazil, Banrisul’s services – covering mobile, online channels, branches and partners – must be continuously available. “It is not acceptable to go offline”, summarizes Barreto. “The best part of this project was that we did [the migration] with zero downtime.”

Teletex established two independent SAN fabrics, he explains, and migrated them one at a time using automated scripts. In addition to allowing for zero downtime migration, the two fabrics have synchronous replication and provide critical redundancy.

“Cisco MDS increased the performance of our SAN, reduced application latency and had a direct impact on the customer experience” , notes Barreto. “Our services are more accessible and our transactions are faster,” he adds.

Digital transformation journeys take time, and Barreto says Cisco MDS switches are helping to connect Banrisul’s legacy systems with new applications and workloads, 80% of which are virtualized. The switches can support everything from the bank’s old mainframe to a range of next generation technologies.

With Cisco training and Teletex migration scripts , Banrisul plans to increase the use of “infrastructure as code”. “We use migration scripts every day to automate our storage infrastructure,” says Barreto. “We plan to integrate all of our containers, virtual machines (VMs), zones and disks, and we will continue to use scripts for configuration, deployment and orchestration,” he projects.


Source: https://ebooks.cisco.com/story/banrisul/page/1?CCID=cc001060&DTID=odicdc000016


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  • Aceleração no desempenho de SAN e aplicações
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