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Bank of Amazônia

Solution: Main site and backup site update




The Bank of Amazônia, through its Information Technology Master Plan (PDTI), carried out extensive studies on its IT infrastructure to make it increasingly capable of providing the necessary mechanisms to work on the Bank’s business.

These studies value the availability, reliability and integrity of the Bank’s data, as well as developing acquisition plans that are always ahead of the demands, so that there is no shortage of resources in view of new products and needs.

Following this guideline, it was necessary to hire infrastructure for the data network area, through the acquisition of equipment, which was inserted in the network environment to support the production, approval and development environments.

The project developed by Teletex aimed at updating equipment already in the process of EoL (end of life) by the manufacturer, which makes it impossible to extend the warranty, and related to the switches that served the connection of the workstations located in the Bank’s headquarters building, and also backup site. In addition to implementing an integrated management environment.

Main Site Implementation:

  • 4 new aggregation switches installed, connecting the access switches to the existing core;
  • 2 new appliance firewalls installed replacing the current (PIX);
  • New WLAN network consisting of a controller and 60 access points;
  • New management tool (Cisco Prime) installed and operational;
  • New security tool (Cisco ISE) installed and operational;
  • Integration of the legacy environment in the new structure.

Site Backup Implementation:

  • New core catalyst switch 6509-E installed and operational;
  • 48 new Gigabit UTP interfaces and 64 10 G interfaces available in the new core;
  • New firewall installed;
  • Integration with the legacy.


  • Garantir redundância dos serviços no site backup;
  • Prover mobilidade para os usuários com qualidade;
  • Atualização do parque de equipamentos.


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