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COCAMAR Agroindustrial Cooperative

Solution: Corporate network and WLAN update project




Cocamar had the need to update the structure of the LAN and WLAN networks, with topology restructuring, replacement of unmanageable and / or obsolete equipment and implementation of advanced configurations in order to provide greater security and stability in services.

Teletex aimed to develop a project for the delivery of a network infrastructure that offered resilience, low convergence time, traffic segmentation according to the application and bandwidth guarantee for latency-sensitive applications (voice).

The transparent WLAN network guarantees connectivity to the end customer regardless of their location within the WIFI coverage area, authentication and roaming done without user intervention, with security, privacy and integrity.


  • Atualização de equipamentos;
  • Menor tempo de convergência de dados;
  • Maior segurança, privacidade e integridade da rede.


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